Michelle Kline, MSW :: I wear a few different hats in the community of Winston Salem, NC. I own a business called Ardmore Dog Walking & Pet Services, providing pet care services to Ardmore, West End, West Salem, and Downtown WS. I co-own another business called Ivory Hound, providing luxury pet services for weddings and events in The Triad of NC. I’m a social worker with my MSW from UNC, and love working collaboratively & consulting on socially minded initiatives - especially social entrepreneurship and social enterprise.

In my free time you can find me playing board games with my husband, Evan, snuggling our two monster dogs, learning the art of Muay Thai, reading, writing, or sipping on bubbly.

I maintain this website as a place to dialogue about things I’m learning in the intersection of social work, business, social innovation and entrepreneurship.

Confused by my domain? I already owned it. But I do love doughnuts.